Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What do you need to know about neon advertising?

   Neon signs are advertising stands with characteristic bright lighting by neon lamps. Neon advertising is very popular in the US, has an original style and provides contact with the audience all 24 hours.

What are neon signs in the technical plan?

   A characteristic component of the neon sign is a neon lamp - it is made in the form of glass tubes filled with gas-discharge neon or argon. In the finished form, the neon sign looks very bright and original, easily attracts the attention of passers-by (if advertising is installed on the street) and visitors (if advertising is located in the building).
   Neon sign can serve not only as a typical sign before entering the store or office. Often neon advertising structures of different formats are placed on the roofs of buildings, indoors, on the facades of buildings, in windows of restaurants and cafes, in cinemas, etc.
   Neon advertising is an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness, highlighting the uniqueness of your organization's style. There is nothing easier to attract the attention of the audience than to hang a beautiful neon sign on your building with a thoughtful advertising image.

Characteristics of neon advertising structures

   The production of neon signs may be so popular for the reason that they have simply phenomenal indicators for durability and resistance to the effects of atmospheric phenomena. In particular, advertising with neon lighting perfectly resists temperature changes, it is not "scared" by high or low temperatures. For this reason, neon advertising can be used at any time of the year. What is important, the brightness of the neon glow over time will be maintained at almost the original level - this is the feature of neon lamps.
   The light of neon lamps, which are equipped with outdoor advertising, have a low inertia. The color of the glow of such lamps is determined not only by the composition of the gas mixture, but also by the current density, and also by its frequency. If the current density is small, the lamp will emit orange light, but if the spectrum is increased, the color will turn red. If the frequency of the current is increased to a unit of the MG discharge in the lamp, then the glow of the advertising structure will acquire a bluish tinge.
   In general, the production of neon signs is a rather delicate and complex process, certainly requiring knowledge, skill and, importantly, special equipment. The team NeonSignsUsa all these conditions are met, so boldly order neon advertising from us, we are waiting for you!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Advertise Your Restaurant Business With Neon Signs

   Advertising of public catering establishments has a number of specific features. Above all, it is the information about the location of restaurants, cafes, bars, the services they provide. Advertising should help to attract potential visitors, create a positive opinion about these enterprises.
       The most common means of street advertising are signs that introduce visitors to the type of enterprise, its specialization.

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     Neon Signs are one of the brightest, beautiful and notable signage for advertising. Correctly made sign can last many years. Neon can be used to decorate the windows and facades of buildings, it is not afraid of snow and rain and shines brightly even during the day. They can be traced around the edges of already installed letters (if they are not light ones) and used in the restaurant hall for lighting and original design, creating abstract compositions - after all, when working with neon, the designer's imagination is not limited to any frames. The effectiveness of neon or any other light advertising multiplies many times, if you use it in a dynamic mode, as well as in a composition with a flashing fast electric light bulbs.

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   A beautiful view of outdoor advertising is achieved through the use of effective and beautiful light bulky letters. Emblem or neon lamp (the best option), capable of repeating all the bends of the letter are used for illumination.
       The sign is a kind of business card of the restaurant, which serves as an important element of outdoor advertising, organically connected with the design of the street.The sign is also the face of the restaurant.

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   Beautiful, bright, noticeable from afar, emphasizing the style and level of the restaurant, it can be light, so that potential customers could easily find it in the evening.
       All it takes is to submit your design and we'll take care of the rest. Custom Neon Signs can be made in any size, style, and color!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Make a Custom Auto Neon Signs

The automotive industry is huge and a great way to get your company noticed is with an Automotive Neon Sign. NeonSignsUsa offer over 100 types of Neon Signs for the automotive industry that look great on your garage wall or waiting area. Service stations, car dealerships, car washes and any other business that deal with automobiles in one way or another can profit greatly from a Neon Automotive Neon Sign

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